Welcome to Chocolate & Stilettos!

Welcome to Chocolate & Stilettos – a new blog about food, fun, and fabulous in our nation’s capital!  As a native Washingtonian, I know this city has way more to offer than people often give it credit for!  We have absolutely amazing restaurants, fabulous chefs, amazing stores, and perhaps most importantly, some of the greatest charity events in the country.  I’ve always been known to be a loyal patron of whatever I’m enjoying at the moment – if I love a restaurant, I tell EVERYONE about it. If my favorite store is having the best sale ever, my friends and family are the first to know.  If a great cause is looking for donations, I’ll bend over backwards to find them sponsors.  Long story short, I have a tendency to be a gossip about really great people and places and I think you’ll love being on the receiving end of all this fun information!

That said, as loyal as I am, I’m always looking for the next big thing.  This blog is a way for me to document and invite you in on my journey to seek out all the absolutely wonderful within Washington.  As I mention in my About Me page, Chocolate & Stilettos are two of my favorite things and I hope through this blog I can inspire some of yours.

Enjoy the blog – there is a whole lot of good stuff coming your way, I promise!

xo KC.


One thought on “Welcome to Chocolate & Stilettos!

  1. Looking forward to read about and comment on your favorite things! You know I’m a big DC foodie and I can’t wait to read your blog on DC restaurants.

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