Walk A Mile in Her Shoes to End Domestic Violence. Are You Man Enough?

There is absolutely nothing more fabulous in life than a pair of killer stilettos.  Except perhaps a group of men walking a mile in killer stilettos for a truly amazing cause.

Now despite my husband’s fantastic shoe collection, I am not all that well-versed in men’s footwear and as such will rarely be targeting my male readers when I’m talking about shoes (especially stilettos!).  But today I’m talking to you, gentleman.  I’m talking to each and every single one of you who is against domestic violence, against the more than 30,000 domestic violence cases responded to by Metropolitan Police last year, and who supports the education of community members on how they can help end this awful crime.

This Father’s Day, in what will serve as the first global march in history, men around the world and right here in Washington, D.C. will take part in the first annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Men’s March.  Hosted locally by Becky’s Fund, a DC-based non-profit against domestic violence, and the D.C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DCCADV), men hoping to raise awareness on the prevalence of domestic violence will walk a mile wearing women’s shoes to show their support for the women in their lives and in their communities.

I have to say, I absolutely love this event for three reasons:

  1. Who doesn’t want to see a large group of men walk around awkwardly in heels? If you say you don’t – you’re lying.
  2. It gives men a little bit of insight into what we mean when we say, “Valet the car, I’m not walking 10 blocks to the restaurant in these shoes.”
  3. The Real Reason: What better way for men, an often unacknowledged but critical part of the support group needed to end domestic violence, to show their support and solidarity for the women they love?  It’s absolutely amazing.
I also love that this event is being held on Father’s Day since dads play such a crucial role in their daughters’ lives.  They are almost always the most influential male figure in a woman’s life and by showing their support, by attending this march with their families, and by suffering through one mile in heels (sorry guys, it’s not going to be comfortable), they are saying that this behavior is unacceptable and that domestic violence should soon be a thing of the past.  It’s a beautiful thing and every son, brother, boyfriend, husband, father, and grandfather reading this should make it a point to be there.
Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Men’s March
June 19, 2011 || 9:30 am – Noon
Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill
Tickets: $25; http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1482126079/efblike
Proceeds will go to DCCADV, Becky’s Fund, and The Pixel Project, a global organization focused on ending violence against women. Money raised will go directly toward assisting victims of domestic abuse and educating the community on how to get help.  Women are welcome to come out and show their support for walkers and/or sponsor a male to walk.

xo- KC.


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