DC’s Best Last-Minute Father’s Day Guide!

In case every department store in the country hasn’t reminded you in the last five minutes, allow me: Sunday is Father’s Day and if you haven’t already found him exactly what he’s been wanting since you screwed it up at Christmas, well then, welcome to the club.  Fortunately for me, my uber-stylish father, a man who always knows what he wants and is never afraid to tell you what it is, leaves little to speculate.  Unfortunately for me, it’s usually something completely unattainable for someone in my tax bracket.  As such, I’m stuck with everyone else thinking, “I have no idea what to get my dad.”

Well, fear not readers – I’ve got you covered. We’re in this together and because I love you all so much, I did some research and contacted my favorite stores and restaurants to find out exactly what to get Dad this Father’s Day.  You’re welcome.  And you can tell your dad he can send me a Thank You via Twitter and/or Facebook.

  • For Dad, Master of Scotch: Until about a year ago, when I first heard about ultra-cool Gastropub AGAINN, I had no idea a Scotch Locker existed.  But it does.  And it’s the PERFECT gift for dad.  This downtown DC restaurant located on New York Avenue allows you to reserve a personalized locker, name plate and all, with up to three bottles of Daddy’s favorite vintage. And if Dad is just beginning his love for Scotch and doesn’t have a favorite Vintage, AGAINN’s staff is on hand to make recommendations! Best of all, Scotch locker owners get priority reservations at AGAINN, priority reservations at private dining rooms, and invitations to special events.  Price: $500 for one year (includes $50 gift card), $900 for two years (includes $90 gift card) and $1200 for three years (includes $120 gift card). 

  • For Dad, Master of Grooming: If you gave your dad a gift certificate to a fru-fru spa, it probably wouldn’t go over well (consider that a warning).  But, if you give your dad a gift certificate to the very manly Grooming Lounge (located in DC & Mclean,VA) you’d probably hit favorite child status (unless you’re an only child, or me for that matter – then you’re already there).  In addition to their awesome gift sets, packages like The Commander in Chief, The Senator, and The Second Term will leave Dad feeling pampered yet powerful.
  • For Dad, Master of Stylish Stuff: The baby blue box doesn’t always have to be for women.  In fact, Tiffany & Co.’s Father’s Day Gift Guide is filled with absolutely magnificent stuff for dad.  I especially LOVE the cufflinks ($275) and am totally into the timeless onyx grain leather wallet ($245) and the sterling silver business card holder ($325).  Shop online or visit the Tiffany stores in Chevy Chase or Mclean!

  • For Dad, Master of the Kitchen: I’m LOVING the designs coming out of Alessi (3319 Cady’s Alley NW) in Georgetown because they’re functionally chic and that is ALWAYS fabulous! A couple of my favorite pieces for Dad from the Italian design store are pictured to the right!
  • For Dad, Master of…Oh just take him to out!: Okay the truth is – Dad just wants to hang out with you on his special day (Surprise! Every department store in the country is full of crap).  If you couldn’t find him the perfect gift, here are a couple of my favorite DC happenings this weekend! Just don’t forget to make a reservation or buy tickets!
    • Coco Sala (929 F St NW): Chocolate, Bacon, & Beer Brunch. For an easy $36/person, Coco Sala is serving up a delicious three-course brunch with signature favorites like the French Toast S’Mores and the Hotcake Obsession, with the added bonus of Amuse Bacon and Bacon Grilled Cheese.  Not sure how the wasabi or bacon Bloody Marys are going to go down, but they’re also included with brunch! (As are beer bellinis and mimosas).
    • Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival (National Harbor): Chances are your dad is into at least one of these three things – but most likely he loves them all.  So why not take him where the action is?  The festival is being held Friday and Saturday and is pretty self explanatory. You eat a whole lot of BBQ and drink a whole lot of beer and bourbon.  Everyone is happy.  The drink menu looks stellar, the list of exhibitors looks delish,  Limited tickets ($25 – $85) available so hurry up!

If all else fails, frame a picture. Happy Father’s Day! xo -KC!


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