Bottoms Up for Bottomless Tequila Brunch @ El Centro D.F.!

I headed down to Miami this weekend for a little R&R and while it was absolutely amazing, it meant I had to miss a special preview of El Centro D.F.’s Bottomless Tequila Brunch.  I had tons of people ask me about this fabulous and slightly dangerous-sounding brunch when I first mentioned it a few weeks ago, so I asked my good friend and fellow food lover, Erica Newman, to check it out and give my readers a little preview.  She breaks it down beautifully below! Bottoms up! xo – KC

Por Arriba, Por Abajo, Por el Centro, Por Dentro! Bottomless Tequila Brunch @ El Centro D.F.

by Erica Newman 

To my great fortune, the lovely Keyana Corliss was off being fabulous in Miami the day of El Centro DF’s Bottomless Tequila Brunch preview party.  As I result, I had the amazing opportunity to represent Chocolate & Stilettos and try one of 14th Street NW’s hottest new restaurants’ brunch offerings.  El Centro recently began offering a bottomless tequila brunch for $35 on Saturdays and Sundays and what a great way to enjoy the weekend! Brunch begins with your choice of tequila-based cocktails.  I went with the Pineapple Agua Fresca, a very refreshing, light cocktail with bright flavor that almost completely masked the tequila- be careful with this one!  Drink options also include a Bloody Maria, Michilada, and other seasonal Agua Frescas in flavors like watermelon and hibiscus.   Those cocktails taste even better alongside Centro’s famous, freshly made guacamole, provided to all diners as part of the bottomless brunch. Appetizers also include fruit salad and a cucumber-jicama salad with just the right amount of heat.

El Centro's fresh (and delicious) Guac!

With El Centro’s bottomless brunch, each table is invited to select as many menu items as they’d like.  Entrée choices range from the expected- huevos rancheros and cheese and egg tacos- to the unique and exciting, such as shrimp- and crab-stuffed enchiladas and Mexican French toast.  I tried the enfrijoladas- scrambled eggs and chorizo inside a corn tortilla covered with a creamy, spicy black bean sauce.

Enfrijoladas - scrambled eggs and chorizo

The bean sauce was the best element of the dish- it brought the egg and chorizo together in a medley of warmth and zest.  I was also able to sample the Egg & Machaca (beef brisket) tacos and the Chiliquiles, a poached egg placed on top of tortilla chips smothered in tomatillo salsa, on a bed of pureed black beans.  The Chiliquiles were by far my favorite- the perfect blend of cheesy, salty crunchiness, with a beautifully cooked egg oozing over the top.

Chiliquiles - YUM!

Bottomless brunch ends with your choice of 3 desserts- tres leches cake, a chocolate waffle, or Mexican French toast.  The tres leches cake was the best of the three, but overall I would say that dessert was my least favorite part of the meal. With so many great options to choose from on the rest of menu, I’d suggest that you forgo dessert in favor of another brunch entrée (or an extra helping of guacamole!)

For those of you not interested in bottomless brunch, El Centro offers their full menu a la carte, with entrees $7 – $13.  I’d recommend El Centro’s brunch if you’re looking for a leisurely way to spend a weekend afternoon with friends over a delicious and satisfying meal.  Spending $35 may seem a little much for brunch, but with endless options of tasty, high-quality unlimited food and drink, it is definitely a meal to take advantage of! I know that next time I’m looking for a great Mexican meal with friends and perhaps even a Sunday Funday, El Centro is where I’ll be headed!


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