My Favorite DC: Burrata

This post is the first in My Favorite DC, a series of Chocolate & Stilettos pieces on our favorite fabulous dishes in and around town. Let us know what other foods you’d like to see featured!

If I was forced to choose just one cuisine to eat the rest of my life, without a doubt, I’d pick Italian.  And if there’s one thing I can’t resist on an Italian menu, it’s burrata cheese.  For those of you who haven’t sampled the glory of a mound of smooth, creamy, burrata, I highly recommend you get up immediately and walk yourself to the nearest Italian establishment.   Burrata, which literally means “buttered” in Italian, is freshly made mozzarella cheese wrapped around a cream and mozzarella center- lusciousness at its best.  I have been lucky enough to try several forms of burrata around DC; here are my favorites.

Lucious, creamy burrata

5. Acqua al 2

Acqua al 2 in Eastern Market serves up the most unique sampling of burrata in town- spread over slices of grilled bread and topped with grilled peaches.  The perfect warm-weather appetizer!

4. Red Rocks Pizzeria

Red Rocks Pizzeria in Columbia Heights is a great spot for wood grilled pizza and interesting beers, but also makes a fantastic burrata appetizer, served with toasted bread smeared with garlic, as well as cherry tomatoes and peppery arugula.

3. Dino

Cleveland Park’s Dino features a three course menu for $38 daily- it’s like restaurant week every day of the year!  I’ve taken advantage of this special a number of times, but of all the appetizers I’ve sampled, the burrata is my favorite, served with roasted red peppers, olives, and a drizzle of olive oil.

2. Fiola

For Italian power dining in DC, you can’t beat Fiola in Penn Quarter, truly a place to see and be seen.  Their delectably large portion of burrata cheese comes served with cherry tomatoes and basil, a delightful twist on the classic caprese salad.

1. Obelisk

Obelisk is where I first discovered my love of this fine cheese, and though many other establishments have since come close, nothing can top the pure decadence of their freshly made burrata, served with nothing but good olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper- simplicity at its best.  The menu changes daily at Obelisk so you may not have the opportunity to try the burrata, but I’m certain that you will love your meal regardless.  Obelisk, in Dupont Circle, is a little-known gem of Italian cooking, a small and intimate setting that feels like dinner at the home of the Italian grandmother you wish you had.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest- break open a mound of creamy burrata cheese and enjoy!


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