My Favorite DC: Grilled Cheese!

It’s perhaps one of the easiest recipes ever – 2 slices of bread, butter on each side, couple slices of cheese, throw it on the stove.  So why is it that not all Grilled Cheese sandwiches are created equal?  Though he’s not Bobby Flay, if my husband ever went pro, his grilled cheese would certainly make this list of our favorites.  I’m almost positive we use the same technique and ingredients, but his is just SO much better – maybe things just taste better when they’re served to you :).

Anyway, perfecting the grilled cheese is no easy task.  Most of us have been feasting on this simple but oh-so-delicious dish since we were little kids.  But now, with our grown up palettes, we expect something more from our grilled cheese – something that reminds us of our childhood but still confirms that we have in fact grown up – whether we choose to accept it or not.

A great grilled cheese alongside a cup of tomato soup is the ultimate cold-weather comfort food.  Now that we’re well into fall, Erica and I thought it was the perfect time to highlight some of our favorite grilled cheese sandwiches in DC!  Check them out and let us know what you think!

Keyana’s Choice: Liberty Tavern

Available on their “Bar Food Menu,” Liberty Tavern’s Grilled Cheese Panino is the perfect mix of Vermont white cheddar and fresh mozzarella, melted to perfection and served with your choice of salad or (my recommendation) their soup du jour.  Liberty Tavern is one of two Clarendon restaurants with a killer grilled cheese.

Keyana’s Choice: Cava Mezze

Perhaps the restaurant with the best unconventional grilled cheese, Cava Mezze, Clarendon’s other grilled cheese hotspot, won a grilled cheese contest a couple years back – and for good reason.  Their Haloumi Sliders certainly don’t look like a traditional grilled cheese and are made using Haloumi cheese  – a grill-able cheese from Cyprus.  Just trust me on this one – you HAVE to try it.

Cava Mezze's Haloumi Sliders - Photo by Farhang Alem

Erica’s Choice:  Big Cheese Truck

What’s better than grilled cheese?  Grilled cheese on wheels, a la Big Cheese Truck.  One of my personal favorites in the food truck world, Big Cheese Truck prides itself on local ingredients- sourcing cheese from Cowgirl Creamery and bread from Lyon Bakery in Arlington.  They bring in a host of innovative ingredients to make some of the most incredible sandwiches, like the Thrilled Cheese with chipotle cheddar, jalapeño, and guacamole, and the Mount Fuji with brie, apple, and honey.  Combined with a cup of their hot tomato soup, I challenge you to find a better meal to warm you up on a cold day. Follow them on Twitter to see when they’ll be in your neighborhood!

Erica’s Choice: Churchkey

The Truffled Grilled Cheese Panino at Churchkey is the perfect pairing for any of the 550+ beers they serve.  The bread has more crunch than your average grilled cheese, which is the perfect complement to the oozing cheese.  Served with a tomato soup shooter, this sandwich takes comfort food to a new level.

Erica’s Choice: Stoney’s

Stoney’s in Logan Circle serves two grilled cheese sandwiches- classic, and super, with tomato, bacon, and onion.  Chocolate & Stilettos isn’t the first blog to rave about this sandwich- it’s long been hailed one of the best in Washington.  Thick white bread, creamy cheese, and plenty of butter makes you remember why you lived on grilled cheese growing up (and makes you realize it’s okay to go back!)


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