The Ritz-Carlton’s Gingerbread Wonderland

I love this time of year – beautiful Christmas decorations, glamorous holiday parties, and best of all, always a reason to go shopping.  As we roll into December, it seems like the perfect time to start showcasing all of the wonderful things coming our way this month.  (It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year).

The Ritz-Carlton Winter Gingerbread Wonderland. Photo by Farhang Alem.

My favorite Holiday treasure thus far combines a Gingerbread House, the holidays, and shopping at the Ritz (aka my version of Heaven).  In perhaps a way that only the Ritz can, the amazing pastry chefs at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner have made shopping for the holidays absolutely delicious.  In this life-size gingerbread house, hotel and local guests can buy everything from wines picked by Sommelier Vincent Feraud, relaxing spa gift ideas from The Day Spa, pastry delights from The Pastry Shop, and of course, always popular Ritz-Carlton Gift Cards.

A Life-Size Gingerbread House, the whole structure is made of cookies and frosting! Photo by Farhang Alem.

And as if a one-stop shop for gifts isn’t enough, shop till you drop while enjoying the smell of real gingerbread bricks, cream cheese frosting, and delicious gumdrops.  Just don’t try to eat them – the pastry team has been working on this Gingerbread House since October! For more information the Ritz’s Holiday schedule, including Nutcracker and Princess Teas and New Year’s plans, check out their Calendar of Events. 


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