This Bar’s For You, Health Foodies

If you know me, you know that I love good food, but that I’m also (obnoxiously) healthy.  So you can imagine how excited I am that PROTEIN BAR is opening its first Washington area location downtown today.  The Chicago-based eatery, a place where founder Matt Matros wants healthy food to be universally accessible and affordable, will be located on 7th and D Streets NW in Penn Quarter. Matt first opened the restaurant in May of 2009 after shedding 60 pounds on a high-protein diet.

Photo Courtesy of PROTEIN BAR

PROTEIN BAR ‘s menu will include customizable high-protein blended drinks, bowls, fresh-made chili, soups, salads, and the signature PROTEIN BAR-RITOs.   You can check out their menu here:

Protein Bar Buffalo “Bar-rito.” Photo Courtesy of PROTEIN BAR

For those of you (myself included) who are anti-processed foods and refined sugars, PROTEIN BAR, uses organic, all-natural, and locally-sourced ingredients and (if you don’t believe them) provides a complete list of all nutritional information and ingredients for their entire menu.  Added bonus: the dressings are made in house daily and all menu items are high in protein and fiber and low in empty calories.

Spinach & Pesto Bowl. Photo Courtesy of PROTEIN BAR

PROTEIN BAR opens downtown at 11:30 am today, with locations around the metro area opening later this fall.  For you Arlington folks, their Ballston location is slated to get cooking this October.  Enjoy health nuts!


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