Monday Morning Favorites: theSkimm and Revolve Fitness

From time to time, I like to kick off the week by telling you about a couple things that I have been really into lately.  Hope you enjoy!

Happy Monday!

theSkimm:  I’m a publicist by day, so my job requires me to be on top of the news at all times.  But as anyone who follows the news knows, there is a ton of news to sift through before you get to the important stuff. And THAT is why I love my morning edition of theSkimm.

theSkimm is a daily email newsletter that arrives in my inbox around 6:00 am, providing a series of short, witty, and informative blurbs about the day’s top headlines.  It also gives me links of where I can go to
learn more about the stories I’m interested in.

Signing up is easy and only requires an email address.  Head to and subscribe today!

Revolve Fitness: Running is one of my favorite pastimes, but recently I have gotten more into Spinning.  I’ve always incorporated Spinning into my cross training, especially when I’m getting ready for a big race, but recently, Revolve Fitness, a fabulous spin studio located in Clarendon (and soon to open in NYC) has taken it to a new level.

Picture courtesy of Revolve

I belong to a gym that offers pretty good spinning classes, so I was originally skeptical to dish out extra bucks for a class I could get for free, but Revolve’s spin classes are not your regular spin classes.

For starters – their instructors are crazy.  I say that with nothing but love, but these people are certifiably crazy.  They have more energy than anyone ever should (even at 6am) and they will scream and shout and play loud (and awesome) music until you’ve burned every calorie in your body.  It’s amazing.

They also have really cool classes that most gyms don’t offer.  The Complete Body Ride (CBR), for example, incorporates weights and their Barre Ride combines moves from uber-popular Barre Method with a 30-minute spin class.  You will be sore, I promise.

Revolve Entrance. Photo courtesy of Revolve

Best of all, you can sign up and reserve your seat in advance, online.  Plus, you can go to any of their eight amazing instructors during their 24 classes per week and get a great workout.  No more waiting for the one class taught by the one instructor you like at your gym.   Check them out at Spin on, spinsters.


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