Get Your Mind Right and Body Tight: theSkimm Spins into DC

A couple weeks ago, my Monday Favorites included theSkimm, a fabulous way to get your morning headlines, and Revolve, a great way to get your morning workout.   Well, in a perfect turn of events, theSkimm and Revolve are teaming up on Tuesday morning for a Mind Right, Body Tight event! 

Sign up for Angel’s Complete Body Ride class for a post-debate “Mind Right, Body Tight” spin session on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd from 10 to 11:30AM. It’s an hour of a complete body workout, followed by a chance to talk Skimm with the ladies themselves. Reserve a bike by heading to or by calling 703-567-4516.  Take the morning off – your mind and body will thank you!

Not enough Skimm for you? Join the Sip & Skimm Debate #4 Party on Oct. 22nd @Board Room, 1737 Connecticut Avenue NW, 8:15 PM.


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